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Getting Started
Getting Started

Guides for your first day(s) using WholeCell

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Using Custom Inventory Fields
Managing Sales Order Statuses
Excel Formatting Issues: ESNs and IMEIs in Scientific Notation
Adding Inventory by SKU
Purchase Order Analytics
How to Delete Purchase Orders and Sales Orders in Bulk
Adding Shipping and Unit Costs to Your Purchase Order
Creating a Pick List
Granting Administrator Privileges
Bulk Committing Inventory to Sales Orders
Scan Reports - How to Audit Your Inventory
Uploading Inventory and Product Images
How to Add "Cost" Line Items to Inventory
Sales Order Status Automation
Editing Pricing on a Sales Order
How Organizations Work
How RMA Financials Work
Inventory Label Printer Settings
Common Spreadsheet Upload Errors
How to Set RMA Instructions
How to Add Line Items to a Sales Order
How to Change Your Timezone
Bulk Editing Inventory
How to Update Your Password
How Sales Orders Work
Managing Your Warehouses in WholeCell
How Inventory Locations Work
Setting Your Brand's Color in WholeCell
Introducing Uncommitted Inventory
Adding a Payment Method in WholeCell
Managing Sales and Purchase Order Channels
Adding and Removing Statuses
How to Set User Permissions and Restrictions
How to Use Live Chat in WholeCell
Creating an Invoice
Setting List Pricing in Bulk
Setting List Prices for Your Inventory
Refunding a Customer for Returned RMA Device(s)
Adding a Shipment to a Sales Order
How Scan Reports Work
Adding Inventory to a Process Batch
Receiving and Reviewing Inventory on an RMA
How Inventory Reports Work
Creating a Customer RMA
Adding a Note to an Inventory Item
Marking an Invoice as Paid
How Offer Analysis Works
Sending an Invoice to a Customer
Setting up a Dymo Label Printer on Windows
Creating an Invoice for a Sales Order
Committing Inventory to a Sales Order
Using CopyTables to Select/Copy/Paste From WholeCell Tables
Setting up a Dymo Label Printer on Mac
Creating a Process Batch
Adding Products or Order Items to a Manual Sales Order
Adding Inventory by Quantity
Adding Inventory by ESN
Sharing an Inventory Report with your Customer
Creating a Purchase Order
Editing an Inventory Report
Adding Inventory to a Purchase Order by Quantity
Bulk Editing Inventory by Spreadsheet
Using Inventory Reports to Advertise Your Stock
Adding Inventory to a Purchase Order by Spreadsheet Upload
How to Search and Filter on the Inventory Page
Tracking Repairs