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Scan Reports - How to Audit Your Inventory
Scan Reports - How to Audit Your Inventory
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WholeCell scan reports allow you to easily audit the inventory that you physically have on hand versus the inventory that you have in WholeCell.

Creating the Scan Report

To create a scan report, click 'Scan Reports' from the sidebar menu, then click on the blue 'New' button.

On the next page enter a title for the report and any inventory conditions you want filter for. You can filter your inventory by status, warehouse, and location. In my example below, we want to see all inventory from the main warehouse and all locations from that warehouse.

After hitting Save, you'll be taken to the 'Scan Results' tab. If it's a new scan report, the tab will be blank. Click on the 'Inventory Items' tab to start scanning.

Based on the filters applied, I show 84 devices from the main warehouse.

Note that if you select any choices from the 'Warehouse' and 'Location' filters, WholeCell will only show the items that have that warehouse or location information. Inventory missing a warehouse or location will not be displayed, even if it meets other criteria.

Scanning Barcodes

*You'll want to have your barcode scanner set up to click "return" or "enter" on each scan. This is typically in the scanner settings.

As you scan the barcode labels on your inventory items, you'll see a green success alert in the scanner section of the page if the item exists on the report and if this is the first time it's been scanned on this scan report:

If an item isn't on this report or has already been scanned, you'll see a red error:

You can review the results on the 'Scan Results' tab. You can see which IMEIs were scanned that are not part of the group that you've selected to scan.

Downloading the Report

Once you've scanned all of the items that you physically have, you can download a CSV of the scan.

If you click on the "Individual" button above the table before you download the CSV, you'll get an individual report with each item by ESN and ID, showing exactly which ones were scanned:

If you click on the "Grouped" button above the table before you download the CSV, you'll get a report that's grouped by product model, grade, and damages -- showing how many units of that product were scanned, left unscanned, and the total that were on the report:

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