Scan Reports are for comparing the inventory you're expecting on a Purchase Order and the inventory you actually received from your vendor.  You can scan your inventory labels with a barcode scanner to track which items you have, and then see if any items you were expecting are missing.

Creating a Scan Report

You can create scan reports from any purchase order or sales order.  Just navigate to your PO or SO and click on the more button (three vertical dots) on the page at the top right of the inventory table:

Then give your scan report a name.  If you don't have a specific name in mind, just use something simple like "Scan Report 1".

Now you have a blank scan report like our screenshot below:

There are four sections at the top of the page with information about the scan report.

  1. The first section details which PO or SO the scan report is for.

  2. The second section is a progress bar with counts showing how many items have been scanned, how many are waiting to be scanned, and the total number of items on the purchase order.

  3. The third section has the input field where your barcode scanner will input ESNs or IDs as you scan.

  4. The fourth section shows the details of the last item you scanned.

Scanning barcodes

*You'll want to have your barcode scanner set up to click "return" or "enter" on each scan.  This is typically in the scanner's settings.

As you scan the barcode labels on your inventory items, you'll see a green success alert in the scanner section of the page if the item exists on the PO and this is the first time it's been scanned on this scan report:

If an item isn't on the PO or has already been scanned, you'll see a red error:

Downloading the report

Once you've scanned all of the items that you physically have, you can download a CSV of the scan to share that data with your vendor.

If you click on the "Individual" button above the table before you download the CSV, you'll get an individual report with each item by ESN and ID, showing exactly which ones were scanned:

If you click on the "Grouped" button above the table before you download the CSV, you'll get a report that's grouped by product model, grade, and damages -- showing how many units of that product were scanned, left unscanned, and the total that were on the PO:

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