Once your customer has paid for their order, it's time to commit specific inventory items to fulfill the order.

Go to the customer's sales order and click the blue '+' button on top and then choose 'Commit Inventory'.

There are a number of ways you can commit the inventory.

1) By ESN or By HEX ID

You can pick the ESNs/IDs that you want (say you have hundreds to ship), you can copy-paste the ESNs on the 'By ESN' or 'By HEX ID' tab. If you have hundreds of these from a spreadsheet, you can copy-paste them on either of the two tabs.

2) Scan

You can also get random products from your shelf and then just scan them into the order on the 'Scan' tab.

3) Select

If you do it through the 'Select' tab, you can use the filters and select the product by checking them and then hitting 'Save' at the bottom of the pop-out window. You can determine the ESN that the system picked out after you have saved this. You should see this in the sales order on the 'Inventory' tab, 'Individual' sub-tab.


Lastly, if you have the order items or products indicated on the sales order, you can use the 'FIFO' tab. This way, WholeCell will choose the oldest uploaded inventory and then just look at the ESNs it picked on the sales order for you to locate on your warehouse shelves. If the FIFO tab is blank, you need to add products to the order first, so that WholeCell will know which ones to pick. For reference on how to to do this, check out: Adding Products or Order Items to a Manual Sales Order.

On the next page, you'll see a summary of what you have added. Hit 'Save' on this page.

Notice that we have completed the requirements of the order.

On the Inventory tab, you can now see the devices that we have committed for the order, either in 'Grouped' view or 'Individual' view. The 'Individual' view shows you the IMEIs/WholeCell IDs committed to the order.

4) Bulk Commit

For instructions on how to bulk commit, check out Bulk Committing Inventory to Sales Orders

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