The fastest way to get started with a new WholeCell account is to upload any past and current inventory via spreadsheet to a single purchase order.

To do this, create a PO (purchase order) and use “Current Inventory” or something similar as the Organization Name — so that in the future you’ll know this was a manual entry. Then, upload any current stock to that PO via a spreadsheet upload.

Any open POs that you’re currently receiving or are still in-transit can be added under the vendor that you purchased the inventory from. You may want to upload these inventory items with a status of “In-Transit” or “Incoming” so that you know this inventory isn’t currently in your warehouse.


Now that you have uploaded all your past/current inventory, all the sold ones can be added to a legacy SO (sales order). Create that legacy sales order and commit the inventory using the ESNs to mark those items as 'Sold'.


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