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Adding Inventory to a Purchase Order by Spreadsheet Upload
Adding Inventory to a Purchase Order by Spreadsheet Upload

Import inventory using a .csv, .xls, or .xlsx file

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There are three ways to add inventory to a new or existing purchase order. One of those ways is by uploading a spreadsheet of inventory data. Here's how:

From your 'Purchase Orders' page, choose the PO that you want to add inventory to. For this example, let's add to PO1.

Once on the PO page, click the blue button with the plus sign and choose Upload Spreadsheet.

On this page, you can download the template that you'll use to upload your inventory. Click on 'Download a spreadsheet template' to do that. Fill out the template with your inventory data and review this article for common issues: Common Spreadsheet Upload Errors.

You can also download the template by clicking: spreadsheet template.

Once the template has been filled out and saved, you can either drag-and-drop it onto the box or upload it by clicking anywhere on the light blue box. Hit the 'Upload' button after.

WholeCell will validate the entries on your spreadsheet. There are times when it will show this validation step, which gives you three choices: 1) Ignore, 2) Create, 3) Replace.


Choosing 'Ignore' will make the system ignore that attribute. Later on, after the upload, you will see that the grade will show as 'Unknown' since it did not create that specification under 'Grade'.


Choosing 'Create "A"' will make WholeCell create that new grade and save it.


Choosing 'Replace' gives you the option to replace "A" with choices available on the system, which will show on a drop-down list if you click 'Replace'.

In this situation, it did not recognize the "A" that I put in the spreadsheet under 'Grade', since the grades in the system are written as 'A Grade', 'B Grade', 'C Grade', and 'New (In Box)'. Let's select 'A Grade'. Save.

Congratulations! We have successfully uploaded ten devices using the spreadsheet upload method!

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