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Adding Inventory to a Purchase Order by Quantity
Adding Inventory to a Purchase Order by Quantity
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There are three ways to add inventory to a new or existing purchase order. The relatively easiest way is to add by simply putting in the quantity of a specific model of the phone and then saving it (up to 100 devices). Here's how.

For this example, let's add 100 new devices to PO #1. We do that by clicking on 'PO1' from the 'Purchase Orders' page.

Once on the PO page of that company, click the blue button with the plus sign and choose 'Add Inventory via ESN/Quantity'.

On this page:

1) Click on the 'Quantity' tab,

2) Input the number of devices (with the same specifications) that you would like to upload,

3) Select from the current choices that are already programmed in your account, or

If the specifics that you are looking for are not on your product catalog yet, create that new product by clicking 'Add a new Product' below.

The 'Create a New Product' window shows up. Input the details of the products you are uploading and hit 'Save Product'. In this example, we put details for a new product on our demo account.

At the lower portion of the page:

1) Select whether the devices are functional or damaged,

2) What grade they are in,

3) The status of those devices as you want them to show in WholeCell,

4) Where they are currently stored (optional),

5) The amount that you paid per device (optional),

6) Any notes that you may want to be saved for each device (optional).

Lastly, hit the 'Save' button below.

In this step, you can choose whether you want to print labels, add more devices to the PO, or go to the PO to review your recently uploaded inventory.

Now, we have 100 more devices on the WholeCell account. Cheers!

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