Sometimes you may need to add inventory to WholeCell as quickly as possible with limited information. Then as your team inspects the inventory they'll update the details in WholeCell. Here are a few scenarios like this with suggestions on how to update WholeCell.

Scenario 1 - You have a manifest or a list of inventory from your vendor, but IMEIs and other details are missing

You recently purchased a PO with a number of items and all you have is a list of models and quantity per model. Or maybe you just don't have the time to add all the details and would just like to upload the basics on the items you have.

You can do this by creating a purchase order and using the 'Add Inventory via Quantity' selection. Here's the Add by Quantity help article for a walkthrough.

Later on, once you have all the details of your inventory items, you can create a process batch and upload a spreadsheet with the missing details you want to add. Here's the Make Changes to Inventory by Spreadsheet Upload help article.

Scenario 2 - You've received a list of IMEIs and models, but don't know the grades yet

A shipment was sent to you along with a file that lists IMEIs, device models and manufacturers, but only has a broad grade category that you'll inspect on arrival. You're okay with skipping other details like the variant, network, capacity, or colors now. What's important is that whatever data you have gets uploaded to the system immediately, and then you can update the inventory records with the remaining information once you receive, identify, and grade the devices.

Create a purchase order for that and then choose 'Add Inventory via Quantity' but on the next window use the ESN tab. Here's the Add by ESN(s) Help article for the step-by-step guidelines.

Similar to the first scenario, once you get the details of your inventory, you can create a process batch and then upload a spreadsheet that has the data that you want to be added. Here's the Make Changes to Inventory by Spreadsheet Upload Help article.

Scenario 3 - You have a list of your recently shipped inventory with all the details available

The best way to make sure all the relevant details for each device are entered into the system is by using a spreadsheet (using the template available).

This time, create a purchase order and then choose the 'Upload Spreadsheet' selection. Here's the Add by Spreadsheet Help article for the step-by-step guidelines.

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