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Adding Inventory to a Process Batch
Adding Inventory to a Process Batch
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There are two ways to add inventory items to a Process Batch:

  • via a list of ESNs or IDs

  • via uploading a spreadsheet

Adding via a list of ESNs or IDs

Go to the Process Batch page and click on the batch number that you want to add inventory to. In this example, let's choose Process Batch #3 - "Repairing No Boot."

Click on the blue + button:

The Add Inventory window pops up. You can add items by ESN or by their WholeCell ID. In this example, let's add an item by ESN. Input the ESN(s) and then hit the Add Inventory button to save.

WholeCell will confirm that you have added items to the process batch.

Adding via spreadsheet upload

The second way to add inventory to a Process Batch is by uploading a spreadsheet. When adding this way, you have the option to make bulk updates to the inventory you're adding based on information in the spreadsheet.

To do this, click on the Upload Spreadsheet button on the top of the page.

On the next page, a template is available for you to download.

  1. Download the spreadsheet template and open it in Excel or Google Sheets. Fill it out with the inventory information you want to add/update. Save the template and drag and drop the file onto the blue box shown here, or click on the blue box to choose the file you want to upload

  2. Select whether you want WholeCell to identify items in the spreadsheet using ESN or ID

  3. If you want to make bulk updates to this inventory, select which columns you want to update

  4. Click the Upload button at the bottom when ready.

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