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Bulk Committing Inventory to Sales Orders
Bulk Committing Inventory to Sales Orders
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WholeCell's bulk commit page allows you to:

  • Fulfill multiple sales orders from one page by scanning the Order ID or Transaction Number and then scanning IMEIs to fulfill the order.

  • Upload a spreadsheet to commit hundreds of IMEIs to one or multiple sales orders

To commit inventory in bulk, click on 'Sales Orders' on the left menu, then click on the 'Bulk Commit' button above the table.

From this page you can either scan orders and inventory items, or upload a spreadsheet:

Method 1 - Scan items:

On the next page, scan or type the sales order number or the sales order transaction number (if you have one on the sales order). Once you hit 'enter' WholeCell will pull up some basic information about that sales order:

Now you can simply scan all the items that you want to commit to that order. Once complete, scan your next order.

Method 2 - Spreadsheet upload:

Upload a spreadsheet that has only the essential information to commit to the order. Click on the 'Upload Spreadsheet' button in the upper right corner of the page.

A window will pop up where you can drop or browse files to select the spreadsheet. The window shows the instructions on what data to put on the spreadsheet.

Your spreadsheet should have the three headers shown below. Even if you will only be using HEX IDs, you should still have the ESN header and vice versa. However, you don't need to put in both the HEX ID and the ESN for an item. You need only one of them. Save the file as a .csv file or a .xlsx file and upload it on the 'Upload Spreadsheet' window.

If you have a number of sales orders that you want to commit to, you can put all of them on the spreadsheet and the ESNs or HEX IDs that you want to go to those respective orders. See sample below:

After uploading the spreadsheet, hit 'Save' at the bottom.

Note: Errors that you may encounter when bulk committing:

  • The ESN/ID is not in WholeCell or is incorrect

  • The item(s) are sold

  • The sales order indicated is incorrect or not present in WholeCell

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