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How to Add "Cost" Line Items to Inventory
How to Add "Cost" Line Items to Inventory

Adding financial line items to your products

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If you want to track additional costs of an inventory item (repairs, unlocking services, labor, etc) you can add those costs as inventory "line items" in WholeCell. This will increase the 'Total Cost' of the inventory item for your committed analytics.

Click the item's WholeCell ID or ESN:

On this page, click the blue button with the '+' sign in the Financial section.

On the 'Add a Line Item' window, add the cost item, the price, and then hit 'Save'.

You will get back to the item's page, but this time with the new financial details.

If you want to do this in bulk using a spreadsheet, you can do so via a Process Batch. Here is the article on Making Changes to Inventory on a Process Batch Via Spreadsheet Upload.

During the spreadsheet upload make sure to tick the 'Add Line Item' box (see screenshot below).

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