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Common Spreadsheet Upload Errors
Common Spreadsheet Upload Errors

Good things to check if you're having issues uploading inventory via spreadsheet

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Having trouble uploading an inventory spreadsheet in WholeCell? Here are the most common issues worth reviewing that could prevent your spreadsheet from uploading properly:

  1. Check for duplicate ESNs in your sheet. Duplicate ESNs will prevent a successful inventory import. You can use conditional highlighting in Excel to highlight duplicates, or use a plugin to do the same in Google Sheets.

  2. Avoid special characters or special letters on any of the values/cells. Examples like “ñ”, apostrophes, foreign characters, etc. These characters can cause problems in an upload.

  3. Ensure the ESNs in your spreadsheet have not been uploaded to your WholeCell account already. Duplicate ESNs are not allowed in WholeCell (even if they're on separate Purchase Orders) and this can prevent your upload from completing.

  4. Don't use the ESN column for anything besides the unique ESN. If an ESN is unknown, make sure to leave the ESN cell blank and use the Quantity cell to indicate how many of that model you're importing.

  5. Ensure your spreadsheet has the required header columns. For a successful inventory spreadsheet upload, you'll need the headers: Manufacturer, Model, Variant, Network, Capacity, Color, ESN, and Quantity. Make sure there are no blank rows above the header.

  6. Ensure there are no partially blank rows in the spreadsheet. If a row contains a price, ESN, or status and no other cells, the device will be created with all attributes set to "Unknown"

  7. Separate multiple damage conditions with commas. Damage conditions must be separated by commas so that they can be matched individually to the correct condition in WholeCell.

  8. Remove any symbols or special characters from your spreadsheet's filename before uploading. A common sign that gets mixed in filenames is the ampersand ('&'). These characters can cause problems in an upload.

  9. Save the spreadsheet as a CSV format before uploading it to WholeCell. This prevents some formatting errors after upload.

  10. Convert the ESN to a number format if it shows in the scientific format on the sheet.

Note that any column that is left blank will import as “Unknown” in WholeCell.

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