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Managing Your Product Catalog
Adding/Deleting Product Variations and SKUs
Adding/Deleting Product Variations and SKUs

How to manage your catalog in WholeCell and map it to E-commerce sales channels

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In WholeCell, Product Variations are a combination of:

  • product (manufacturer, model, variant, network, capacity, and color)

  • grade

  • conditions (damage conditions), if any

A SKU is an attribute of a Product Variation. You can assign the same SKU to multiple Product Variations if duplicate SKUs are enabled in your settings.

Adding a New Product Variation and SKU

From the Product Catalog page, click on the '+New' button.

Then on the next page, fill out the empty fields, then save. Easy peasy.

Adding New Product Variations and SKUs in Bulk

A new WholeCell account will have a default catalog of products, but will have zero Product Variations until you add inventory or upload a spreadsheet of product variations with "create" in the ID field of the Product Variations spreadsheet template.

The first step is to download your current product catalog, as the downloaded spreadsheet will serve as your template.

Your downloaded sheet will show blanks on the SKU column if you haven't uploaded them yet.

You can add SKUs on the empty SKU fields for product variations that already exist. You can also add completely new product variations and SKUs by filling out the fields from the ID field to the Grade field. If there are damage conditions, add them under the Damages column. (see screenshot below)

Sample spreadsheet with added Product Variations/SKUs:

Note: WholeCell will not create in the catalog the entry in any row if the cells under the manufacturer, model, variant, network, capacity, color, and grade columns are blank. If you do not wish to add details for any of those product specifications, you must at least put "unknown" on the cells that you want to skip.

Upload your sheet once it's filled out.

Uploading Prices

If you want to upload the prices of your products, simply add "Price" as a header on the spreadsheet, input the prices, save then upload.

Managing SKUs

SKUs can be edited in bulk via Product Variation spreadsheet upload or manually from a Product Variation's page.

Note: You can edit the SKU but you can't edit the product variation (any product attributes, grade, and damages). If you need to have a different variation, you will need to create a new one for it. If you want to use the SKU that is the same as another variation for this new one, you can do so as long as you enable the duplicate SKU setting here. In short, you can use the same SKU for multiple product variations if you want to.

You can't also upload multiple/different SKUs for a product variation. WholeCell will only create one SKU for a specific product variation.

Manually update the SKU (one by one):

Another way to set SKUs in bulk (aside from the spreadsheet upload method):

Delete product variations one by one:

Bulk-delete product variations:


  • Did the product variation/SKU upload? If not, check if some of your columns are blank (from the ID column to Grade). If you don't want to put anything under some of these columns, you can put in "N/A", or "-". Under "ID" should be the word "create" (without the quotation marks).

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