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Adding Products to Your Catalog
Adding Products to Your Catalog
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Every WholeCell account starts out with a pre-filled catalog that has popular devices from key manufacturers like Apple and Samsung.  

When you want to add a new device to your catalog, you can do so in two ways:

  1. Setting your product variations on the Product Catalog

  2. In Bulk by adding inventory via Spreadsheet Upload

1. Adding products on the Product Catalog page

This method allows you to add the product (and SKUs, if you have any) without adding actual inventory items to your account. Here's the article about this process: Setting Your Product Variations and SKUs

Upload a spreadsheet of product variations with "create" in the ID field of the Product Variations spreadsheet template:

2. Adding products via Inventory Spreadsheet Upload

If you want to add multiple products to your catalog in bulk, you can do it when you add inventory via Spreadsheet Upload.

Any product you enter via spreadsheet upload that does not already exist in your WholeCell product catalog will be created automatically.

**Note** - this will also add the inventory items from the spreadsheet to your purchase order.

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