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Syncing with Newegg
Syncing with Newegg
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WholeCell's Newegg integration keeps your Newegg listing quantities synced with current stock levels from WholeCell, imports Newegg sales orders to WholeCell for IMEI fulfillment, and sends shipment tracking to Newegg.

This integration syncs:

  • Listings (Newegg → WholeCell)

  • Listing Quantities (WholeCell → Newegg)

  • Orders (Newegg → WholeCell)

  • Shipments (WholeCell → Newegg)

Enabling the Newegg Integration

First, you'll need to get an API Key for your Newegg account by following this Newegg guide. If WholeCell appears as a Service Provider in Newegg's drop-down list, you can select it and use the key it generates:

If WholeCell is not in the Service Provider list, you'll need to email Newegg's team and request a key for WholeCell. Here's the email you can send:

Subject: WholeCell API Key Request
Body: Hello Newegg team, I use as my eCommerce software and need my API key to integrate. My seller name on Newegg is {{ insert your seller name }}.

Configuring the Newegg Integration

Order Import

WholeCell will import Newegg sales orders once this checkbox is selected. Older orders can be imported to WholeCell retroactively by selecting a date and time in the Minimum Order Date section.

Organization Type

When WholeCell imports new sales orders from Newegg it can create new customers in your WholeCell account based on their actual name (like "John Doe") or it can import them under a single customer named "Newegg". You can decide which option fits your business needs better.

Order Statuses

You need to map Newegg's order statuses to your WholeCell order statuses for orders to be imported. If you want to create new order statuses in WholeCell for this, follow the instructions in this article: Managing Sales Order Statuses.

WholeCell routinely fetches status updates from Newegg to update your Newegg orders. If an order is marked as shipped in Newegg, for example, it will update in WholeCell at the next sync interval. Changes to the order status in WholeCell will not affect the order status on Newegg.

Some actions like adding a shipment will sync back to Newegg and mark the order as shipped.

Inventory Quantity Sync

Enabling Inventory Quantity Sync will automatically update the quantities of your Newegg listings based on the calculated quantities* of connected Product Variations or SKUs in WholeCell.

* Calculated Quantity = Available Quantity - Outstanding Quantity

Inventory Statuses

With Inventory Quantity Sync enabled, select the inventory statuses that should count towards your total calculated quantity* of available inventory to update your Newegg listings.


With Inventory Quantity Sync enabled, choose which warehouse(s)' inventory should count towards your total calculated quantity* of available inventory to update your Newegg listings.

Importing your Newegg Listings

Once your settings have been saved on the Details tab, click the Listings tab and click "Import Listings" to bring in your listings from Newegg.

You'll see the table fill with your Newegg listings once they've been imported.

If your Newegg listing SKUs match your SKUs in WholeCell exactly, those listings will connect automatically and you'll see a green "Connected" tag in the status column.

For listings that are not connected, you can click on the listing title to manually connect it to either:

  • a single SKU

  • multiple SKUs

  • or specific Product Variation(s)

You can also connect listings in bulk by uploading your product variations and SKUs in WholeCell, following the instructions in this article: Setting Your Product Variations and SKUs

Syncing Orders and Shipments

As you receive orders in Newegg, they will be automatically created in WholeCell. When you add shipment tracking information to those orders in WholeCell, the tracking number will automatically sync back to Newegg.

If you're using ShipStation to create shipping labels for your Walmart orders, you'll want to connect ShipStation to WholeCell so that your Walmart orders flow as follows:

Newegg WholeCell ShipStation

Then, when you create shipping labels for your orders, the tracking numbers will flow:

ShipStation WholeCell Newegg

**WholeCell will not be able to sync orders to ShipStation if your sales channels don't exactly match (case sensitive) the channel names that the integration uses -- like "Newegg", in this case. Changing these channel names will prevent the sync from working.

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