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Managing Sales Order Statuses
Managing Sales Order Statuses
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Every business has its own order fulfillment pipeline. In WholeCell, you can customize your order statuses to match this pipeline so that your team can tell at-a-glance what stage an order is in.

Create a New Status

To create sales order statuses, click on 'Settings' in WholeCell. Then click 'Sales Orders' under the Sales section, then click on the 'Statuses' tab. Look for the '+New Status' button to click. (

On this pop-up window, add the status name on the 'Title' field, then choose a color for it.

Put a check on the 'Order is open' box if you want the items on orders with this status to count towards your outstanding quantity. Outstanding quantities affect stock levels (listing quantities in E-commerce channels). Stock levels are also referred to as calculated quantities in WholeCell.

For example, if you're creating a "Canceled" order status, do you want items that are in that order to be counted as outstanding quantities that will reduce your stock level? Probably not, because those items are never going to be fulfilled. However, items that are on an order in "Ready to Ship" status (if you have one) should probably still be counted against your stock levels.

Put a check on the 'Sync to Shipstation' box if you want orders in that status to sync to ShipStation. This only applies if you have the Shipstation Export integration enabled. For more information about the ShipStation shipping integration, click here.

If you want the ability to commit inventory items for orders with that status, check the 'Allow inventory commitment' box. So for statuses like "Available" or "New" etc., that applies. But for statuses like "Canceled" or "Unpaid" (if you have these statuses), this probably doesn't apply.

Hit the 'Save' button when ready.

Important note: Overselling in eCommerce channels can happen if you put an order in the "Shipped" status (or when you print shipping labels in ShipStation which puts the order in the "Shipped" status) before inventory items are committed to fulfill the order. For a good explanation of this, check this article: How to Prevent Overselling on eCommerce Channels Integrated with WholeCell

Edit a Status

If you want to edit a sales order status, simply click it and make the changes on the Editing Order Status window.

Delete a Status

To delete a sales order status, simply click the trash icon beside it.

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