WholeCell's Amazon integration keeps your Amazon listing quantities synced with current stock levels from WholeCell and imports Amazon sales orders to WholeCell for IMEI fulfillment.


Note: this integration does not currently import customer names/addresses on Amazon sales orders. If you are printing shipping labels on Amazon, this should not be a problem. Amazon orders in WholeCell will still get status updates when they are shipped in Amazon.

If you need to print Amazon order shipping labels in ShipStation we recommend that you connect Amazon to ShipStation separately but leave Order Import enabled on the Amazon integration in WholeCell. This integration is the fastest way to get your Amazon orders into WholeCell to ensure the outstanding quantities are included in your stock level calculations that sync to all connected sales channels. Please contact us via live chat or email if you have any questions about this.


This integration syncs:

  • Inventory quantities (WholeCell → Amazon)

  • Listings (Amazon → WholeCell)

  • Orders (Amazon → WholeCell)

Enabling the Integration

Enable the Amazon integration from your Integrations Dashboard:

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