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Syncing with Amazon
Syncing with Amazon
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WholeCell's Amazon integration keeps your Amazon listing quantities synced with current stock levels from WholeCell and imports Amazon sales orders to WholeCell for IMEI fulfillment.


Note: this integration does not currently import customer names/addresses on Amazon sales orders. If you are printing shipping labels on Amazon, this should not be a problem. Amazon orders in WholeCell will still get status updates when they are shipped in Amazon.

If you need to print Amazon order shipping labels in ShipStation, we recommend that you connect Amazon to ShipStation separately, but leave Order Import enabled on the Amazon integration in WholeCell. This integration is the fastest way to get your Amazon orders into WholeCell to ensure the outstanding quantities are included in your stock level calculations that sync to all connected sales channels.

The current integration supports one region at a time.

This integration syncs:

  • Inventory quantities (WholeCell β†’ Amazon)

  • Listings (Amazon β†’ WholeCell)

  • Orders (Amazon β†’ WholeCell)

Enabling the Integration

Enable the Amazon integration from your Integrations Dashboard:

To start, connect your Amazon account and enter your credentials.

Configuring the Integration

Inventory Quantity Sync

Enabling Inventory Quantity Sync will automatically update the quantities of your Amazon listings based on the calculated quantities* of associated Product Variations or SKUs in WholeCell.

* Calculated Quantity = Available Quantity - Outstanding Quantity

Inventory Statuses

With Inventory Quantity Sync enabled, choose the inventory statuses that should count towards your total calculated quantity* of available inventory to update your Amazon listings with.


With Inventory Quantity Sync enabled, choose which warehouse(s)' inventory should count towards your total calculated quantity* of available inventory to update your Amazon listings with.

Order Import

WholeCell will import Amazon sales orders once this checkbox is selected. Older orders can be imported to WholeCell retroactively by selecting a date and time in the Order Import Date section.

Organization Type

When WholeCell imports new sales orders from Amazon, it will come in with the channel name and not the customer's name in Amazon.

Order Statuses

You need to map Amazon's order statuses to your WholeCell order statuses for orders to be imported. If you want to create new order statuses in WholeCell for this, follow the instructions in this article to do so: Managing Sales Order Statuses.

Sales order statuses in WholeCell are controlled by the actions that you take in Amazon. Changing the order status in WholeCell won't affect the status in Amazon.

Importing your Amazon Listings

Once your settings have been saved on the Details tab, click the Listings tab and hit "Sync Listings" to bring in your listings from Amazon.

You'll see the table filled with your Amazon listings once imported. Newly created listings may take an hour or so before they can be imported into WholeCell.

If your Amazon listing SKUs match your SKUs in WholeCell exactly, those listings will connect automatically and you'll see a green "Connected" tag in the status column.

For listings that are not connected, you can click on the listing title to manually connect it to either:

  • a single SKU

  • multiple SKUs

  • or specific Product Variation(s)

You can also connect listings in bulk by uploading your product variations and SKUs in WholeCell, following the instructions in this article: Setting Your Product Variations and SKUs

Important Notes or Reminders

  • When you enable 'Order Import' and receive orders with unknown SKUs, you won't be able to map different SKUs for the order item (e.g. mapping a WholeCell SKU to the channel's listing's SKU settings page in WholeCell). Even if you map the WholeCell SKU for that listing in WholeCell, the order item will still show "Unknown SKU". The only way to make those SKUs be recognized is to add them to the WholeCell product catalog. To proceed, you can either do a 'Direct Commit', or delete the order item and just commit whatever item you want to fulfill the channel order.


  • The listing quantities are not being updated

    • Has the listing been imported to WholeCell?

    • Is the listing connected?

    • Does the listing show active or ended?

    • Is the 'Enable Inventory Sync' box checked?

    • Is the warehouse set on the inventory items you want to sync?

  • If an order comes in and shows "Unknown SKU", check:

    • Are there matching SKUs in both Amazon and WholeCell?

    • Have all of your listings been imported to WholeCell?

  • If your orders are not coming into WholeCell, check:

    • Is the 'Enable Order Import' box checked?

  • Multi-variation listing quantities are not synced

    • Does each listing have matching SKUs in Amazon and WholeCell? Are they all showing 'Connected'?

    • The outstanding count on the listing is incorrect

      • Check which sales order statuses are supposed to count toward open orders

        • Check if the 'Shipped' and 'Canceled' order statuses are set to count toward open orders

  • Are your listings being set to out-of-stock even though WholeCell is actively syncing non-zero quantities? Check to see if you have other eCommerce software connected to the channel.

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