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eCommerce Listing Opportunities

Maximize your sales by listing all your SKUs on eCommerce channels

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WholeCell's Listing Opportunities tab shows you which SKUs you have sellable inventory for but are not yet listed on your eCommerce channels. For supported channels, you can even create listings right from this page.

As of February 22nd, 2024, Listing Opportunities is live for Mercari, Back Market, eBay, Amazon, Swappa, and Reebelo.
It only supports product/listing export on Mercari and Reebelo.

How to use Listing Opportunities

You can find the Listing Opportunities tab in the eCommerce integration settings pages in WholeCell. Here it is on Mercari:

In the table, you'll see SKUs that you have inventory for which match the inventory scope settings on the "Details" or "Settings" tab of the integration:

Any inventory that matches these Status and Warehouse settings will be shown in your Listing Opportunities table. If a SKU displays here it is because WholeCell does not have a listing imported from that channel for that SKU. If you already have a listing for any SKUs displayed, use the "Sync Listings" button to import your latest listings into WholeCell.

Our Listing Opportunities tables should save you many hours ensuring that your inventory is listed across all of the eCommerce channels you want to sell on. We are actively improving and expanding this tool and would love to hear your feedback and feature requests at

Creating Listings

WholeCell is currently able to create listings on Mercari. This feature will be rolling out to other channels, so stay tuned for our updates.


On the right side of the Listing Opportunities table, you will see a Create Listings button on each row. This button will take you to a page to enter the information required for the listing. To save time creating many listings, we recommend building a Mercari Listing Template.

Note that to use Listing Opportunities, you need to have SKUs set for the product variations that you have available inventory for. If there's no SKU currently set, the product variation will not show up in the Listing Opportunities tab.

To upload SKUs refer to this Help Center article: Adding/Deleting Product Variations and SKUs

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