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Syncing with Swappa for Enterprise Sellers
Syncing with Swappa for Enterprise Sellers

Automatically keep your Swappa stock listings updated

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This integration can only be enabled for approved Swappa Enterprise Sellers. If you're interested in becoming an Enterprise Seller on Swappa, apply here.

WholeCell's Swappa integration for Enterprise Sellers provides stock level sync, order importing, and shipment tracking number exporting between WholeCell and Swappa.

This integration syncs:

  • Listings (Swappa → WholeCell)

  • Inventory Quantities (WholeCell → Swappa)

  • Orders (Swappa → WholeCell)

  • Shipments (WholeCell → Swappa)

  • IMEIs (WholeCell → Swappa)

Enabling the Integration

Enable the Swappa integration from your Integrations Dashboard:

Click 'Connect' on the next page and then sign in to your Swappa account. After signing in, you'll be asked to authorize WholeCell to access your Swappa account.

Once you click 'Authorize', you'll be taken back to WholeCell, where you can now configure your Swappa integration behavior.

Inventory Sync

Enabling Inventory Sync will automatically update the quantities of any "connected" Swappa listings based on the available quantities of associated Products in WholeCell.

We recommend making sure all of your inventory quantities are accurate and that your listings are connected correctly before enabling Inventory Sync.

Inventory Statuses

Choose the inventory statuses which should count towards your total calculated quantity* of available inventory to sync with your Swappa listings.


Choose which warehouse(s) inventory should count towards your total calculated quantity* of available inventory to sync with your Swappa listings.

* Calculated Quantity = Available Quantity - Outstanding Quantity

Order Import

Enabling Order Import will automatically import any new orders from your Swappa account.

Order Statuses

You need to map Swappa's order statuses to your WholeCell order statuses for orders to be imported. If you need to create new order statuses in WholeCell for this, follow the instructions in this article to do so: Managing Sales Order Statuses.

Swappa Stock Listing States

When a Swappa stock listing reaches 0 quantity by selling out or via a WholeCell quantity update, the listing will become inactive. If WholeCell later sends a non-zero quantity update, that listing will reactivate automatically.

If you manually deactivate one of your Swappa stock listings, it will not reactivate automatically when WholeCell later sends Swappa a quantity update for that listing.

Importing Your Swappa Listings

Sync Products
If you have enabled Inventory Sync so that quantities can be updated, you will need to:

1) Import your listings to WholeCell

2) Match your Swappa listings SKUs with your WholeCell product SKUs or Product Variations (if the listing shows as 'Not Connected')

Mapping Your Swappa Listings

Once you've imported your Swappa listings, clicking on any listing code will take you to a page where you can set how the listing is mapped in WholeCell to either a single SKU, multiple SKU, or a specific Product Variation.


Go to the 'Settings' tab, you should see that, by default, 'Match via SKU' is selected. Add the WholeCell SKU(s) that you want to be associated to the listing in the SKU box on the right side, then click the 'Save' button right below it.

If 'Match via SKU' is not selected by default, click the radio button, then click the 'Save' button right below that, and then proceed to add the SKUs in the SKU box on the right side, then click the 'Save' button right below it.

Product Variations:

Go to the 'Settings' tab and choose "Select specific Product Variations" and then click the 'Save' button right below that. After saving, continue to map the product variation by clicking '+Connect'.

As soon as you start typing the manufacturer and model of the product, a list of matching products will appear. Select one from the list, then select the grade and condition for that variation and hit the 'Save' button below it.

Syncing Orders and Shipments

As you receive orders on Swappa they will be automatically created in WholeCell. When you add shipment tracking information to those orders in WholeCell, the tracking number will automatically sync back to Swappa.

Using ShipStation to ship Swappa orders

If you're using ShipStation to create shipping labels for your Swappa orders, you'll want to connect ShipStation to WholeCell so that your Swappa orders flow as follows:

Swappa WholeCell ShipStation

Then, when you create shipping labels for your orders, the tracking numbers will flow:

ShipStation WholeCell Swappa

**Make sure to create a Sales Order Channel named "Swappa" from your WholeCell Settings and enable this channel to sync with ShipStation. Otherwise, your Swappa orders will not export from WholeCell to ShipStation.

Important Notes or Reminders

  • When you enable 'Order Import' and receive orders with unknown SKUs, you won't be able to map different SKUs for the order item (e.g. mapping a WholeCell SKU to the channel's listing's SKU settings page in WholeCell). Even if you map the WholeCell SKU for that listing in WholeCell, the order item will still show "Unknown SKU". The only way to make those SKUs be recognized is to add them to the WholeCell product catalog. To proceed, you can either do a 'Direct Commit', or delete the order item and just commit whatever item you want to fulfill the channel order.

  • Related to the note above, WholeCell will not send the IMEI of the item if it's not fulfilling the original order item.

Troubleshooting Swappa Sync Issues

  • The listing quantities are not being updated

    • Has the listing been imported to WholeCell?

    • Is the listing connected?

    • Is the 'Enable Inventory Sync' box checked?

    • Is the warehouse set on the inventory items you want to sync?

  • If an order comes in and shows "Unknown SKU", check:

    • Are there matching SKUs in both Swappa and WholeCell?

    • Have all of your listings been imported to WholeCell?

  • If your orders are not coming into WholeCell, check:

    • Is the 'Enable Order Import' box checked?

  • The outstanding count is incorrect

    • Check which sales order statuses are supposed to count toward open orders

      • Check if the 'Shipped' and 'Canceled' order statuses are set to count toward open orders

  • Are your listings being set to out-of-stock even though WholeCell is actively syncing non-zero quantities? Check to see if you have other eCommerce software connected to the channel.

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