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Syncing with Mercari
Syncing with Mercari

Send your inventory to Mercari in just a few clicks

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WholeCell's Mercari integration speeds up the process of listing your inventory on Mercari and fulfilling Mercari orders in WholeCell.

Once connected you can create Mercari listings for inventory items directly from WholeCell. When one of your listings sells on Mercari, an order will be created in WholeCell automatically with the specific committed IMEI. If an item you have listed on Mercari gets committed to a sales order from another channel, the corresponding listing will be automatically removed on Mercari.

This integration syncs:

  • Inventory items (WholeCell β†’ Mercari)

  • Orders (Mercari β†’ WholeCell)

  • Shipments (WholeCell β†’ Mercari)

Connecting the Integration

Enable the Mercari integration from your Integrations Dashboard:

Click "Connect Mercari Account". This will take you to a Mercari login page where you'll enter your credentials and then allow WholeCell to access your account:

Once completed you'll be returned to WholeCell settings page where you can configure your settings for how the integration will behave:

Integration Settings

Order Import

WholeCell will automatically import any Mercari sales orders once this checkbox is selected and the settings are saved. Older orders can be imported to WholeCell retroactively by choosing the date and time in the Minimum Order Date section.

Organization Type

When WholeCell imports new sales orders from Mercari, it can create new customers in your WholeCell account based on their actual name (like "John Doe") or it can import them under a single customer named "Mercari" (Channel Name). You can decide which option fits your business needs better.

Order Statuses

You need to map Mercari's order statuses to your Sales Order statuses in WholeCell. If you need to create new order statuses in WholeCell, follow the instructions in this article: Managing Sales Order Statuses.

Here are Mercari's descriptions of their order statuses and our recommended status map in WholeCell:

Wait Payment Order Status

An order that has been created and is waiting for buyer payment.

  • WholeCell recommended status mapping: "Awaiting Payment"


Wait Shipping Order Status

An order for a listing that has been purchased and is waiting to be shipped.

  • WholeCell recommended status mapping: "Ready to Ship"


Wait Review Order Status

An in-progress order that is waiting for the shipment to be received by the buyer.

  • WholeCell recommended status mapping: "Shipped"


Wait Done Order Status

An in-progress order that the buyer has received and is awaiting the seller to rate the buyer.

  • WholeCell recommended status mapping: "Shipped"


Done Order Status

A completed order transaction

  • WholeCell recommended status mapping: "Shipped"


Canceled Order Status

A canceled order transaction

  • WholeCell recommended status mapping: "Canceled"

Creating Mercari Listings

You can create Mercari listings directly from WholeCell inventory items. From the inventory page for a specific item, click 'Create Listings', then choose 'Mercari':

From here you'll enter all of the listing details:

  • Title

  • Description

  • Hashtags

  • Category

  • Condition

  • Brand

  • Price

  • Ship from address

You can also create Listing Templates that will fill in many of these details automatically for you. Scroll down for more details on Listing Templates.

Clicking "Save" will begin creating the listing on Mercari. Once successful you'll be taken to a page with the listing details.

You can see all of your Mercari listings at:

Note: if an inventory item is listed on Mercari and then manually committed to a sales order, WholeCell will automatically cancel the Mercari listing.

Mercari Listing Templates

Listing Templates are available from the Mercari integration settings page in WholeCell. Templates allow you to pre-set your Title, Description, Hashtags, Condition, Category, and Ship-From address for Mercari listings. They can save you tremendous time when listing a lot of items.

Title, Description, and Hashtags

For your listing Title, Description, and Hashtags, you can insert attributes from your inventory item and its product variation. WholeCell uses the Liquid Templating Language for this. When adding attributes use two open and closed brackets around the attribute, like this:

{{ inventory.imei }}

Here are the attributes you can use in your Title, Description, and Hashtags:

  • ESN

    • {{ inventory.imei }}

    • example value: "355237863788120"

  • Title

    • {{ product_variation.product.title }}

    • example value: "Apple iPhone 13 128GB [A2482] Midnight (Unlocked)"

  • Manufacturer

    • {{ product_variation.product.manufacturer }}

    • example value: "Apple"

  • Model

    • {{ product_variation.product.model }}

    • example value: "iPhone 13"

  • Capacity

    • {{ product_variation.product.capacity }}

    • example value: "128GB"

  • Variant

    • {{ product_variation.product.variant }}

    • example value: "A2482"

  • Color

    • {{ product_variation.product.color }}

    • example value: "Midnight"

  • Network

    • {{ }}

    • example value: "Unlocked"

  • Grade

    • {{ product_variation.grade }}

    • example value: "B Grade"

  • Conditions

    • There can be multiple conditions on an inventory item, so you'll need to use Liquid's iteration code to loop through them and access their attributes:

    • {{ condition.title }} example value: "Cracked Glass"

    • {{ condition.initials }} example value: "CG"

{% for condition in product_variation.conditions %}
{{ condition.title }}
{{ condition.initials }}
{% else %}
This product has no damage conditions
{% endfor %}

Note: These details can be used in your Mercari listing template Title, Description, and Hashtags, but are not synced to the individual attribute fields in Mercari.

Condition Mapping

Select how the Grades in your WholeCell account should map to Mercari's conditions. Mercari has 5 conditions:

  • New

  • Like New

  • Good

  • Fair

  • Poor


Select the Mercari category that this template's listings should be listed under.

Ship from

Select which ship-from address you'll use for these listings.


Select if you want this to be your default template that will pre-load whenever you create a new Mercari listing.


If you are using WholeCell's ShipStation integration, you can create a shipment in ShipStation and the tracking number will be automatically imported to WholeCell and then exported to Mercari. You can also manually add a shipment to the sales order in WholeCell and the tracking number will export to Mercari.

If you add a shipment tracking number manually on Mercari, it will not get imported to WholeCell.

**Make sure to create a Sales Order Channel named "Mercari" from your WholeCell Settings and enable this channel to sync with ShipStation. Otherwise, your Mercari orders will not export from WholeCell to ShipStation.

Listing Opportunities

WholeCell's Listing Opportunities tab shows you which SKUs you have sellable inventory for but are not yet listed on Mercari. For more details, check this article: Listing Opportunities


  • The following product attributes are currently not being exported to Mercari due to API limitations -- Model, Storage Capacity, Color, Network, IMEI/ESN. These can be synced over to the but not to the individual attribute fields in Mecari.

  • Mercari is skipping the IMEI requirement specifically for WholeCell sellers to avoid any delays with listing verification. If you manually input an IMEI on a Mercari listing from Mercari's website, it will be subject to IMEI verification.

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