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Using Custom Inventory Fields
Using Custom Inventory Fields

Create custom fields to track things like battery health, vendor ID, software version, unlock code, etc.

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If you need to track information about your inventory that WholeCell doesn't already have a field for, you can add a custom inventory field. The most common cases for this are:

  • Battery health

  • Vendor ID

  • Lot ID

  • Software version

  • Unlock code

**We don't advise using custom inventory fields to add extra product attributes like screen size or processor speed. WholeCell won't send custom inventory fields to Ecommerce channels or other apps in the same way as product attributes.

Creating a Custom Inventory Field

You can create and manage your custom inventory fields from the inventory settings page:

Click on "Add a Custom Field" to add a new field, or click on existing fields to manage them.

Setting Custom Inventory Field Values

Custom inventory field values can be set when you add inventory via spreadsheet upload and when you import inventory from Phonecheck.

**When uploading via spreadsheet you'll need to add headers for your custom inventory fields. Make sure that the header rows in your spreadsheet match the names of your custom fields exactly.

Editing Custom Inventory Field Values

You can edit custom inventory field values individually on an inventory item's page:

Bulk Editing Custom Inventory Field Values

You can bulk edit the values of custom inventory fields on a group of inventory items by uploading a spreadsheet to a process batch. Make sure that the header rows in your spreadsheet match the name of your custom fields exactly.

Searching for Data Attributes Belonging to Custom Fields

Use the 'Custom Field Search' to look for the attributes belonging to the custom fields that you have created.

The 'Custom Field Search' bar can also be found on the specific purchase order's page and the specific process batch's page. The filters, along with the 'Custom Field Search' bar are hidden by default so just click the 'Filters' button above the table to display them.

Known Issues

  • Custom inventory fields with multiple uppercase letters in their name may not get set properly when importing inventory. If this occurs, rename the field using lowercase letters and try again.

  • Using the term "ID" in the custom inventory field name (whether uppercase or lower case) may cause import issues. If you're having issues, remove the term "ID" and try again.

  • If you plan to map the custom inventory fields to Phonecheck, you may encounter some problems if the title of the field has spaces and multiple capital letters. See how I typed and mapped them to Phonecheck fields on my demo account for reference (in red boxes):

  • Renaming a non-working custom field may not work with a name that would work (with no capitals or spaces). You will need to delete the non-working custom field and create a new one.

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