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Restarting Your WholeCell Account
Restarting Your WholeCell Account

Options that you can take if you want to revive your unused WholeCell account again

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Have you fallen behind on updating your inventory in WholeCell and now it's out of sync with your current inventory? Or maybe you stopped using WholeCell, but now you want to reboot it? Here are several options that you can take to reactivate your WholeCell account:

Option 1 - Move inventory that is no longer in stock to a sales order

If you'd like to keep your old inventory in WholeCell for the history and analytics, you can audit which items are still in inventory and then move the rest to a sales order. You'll want to add notes to this order to remind you that the pricing and specific details are no longer relevant -- but at least if you search for one of these inventory items in WholeCell, you'll be able to see its history.

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Option 2 - Move inventory that is no longer in stock to a correction status

Similar to the option above, you can audit your inventory to determine which items are no longer in stock and move those to a status that makes it clear these items are no longer available.

Create an inventory status like 'Correction', 'Unknown', or something that makes sense to you. Then use a Process Batch to update all of the inventory that's no longer current to your new status. You may also want to bulk-add notes to these inventory items to describe the situation.

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Option 3 - Delete all of your inventory manually by deleting your POs, then re-upload the items that are still in stock

This is your best bet if you don't care about your old inventory history and just want to get your account current as quickly as possible. Audit your inventory to determine what you still have in stock. Then erase all of your inventory in WholeCell by erasing your POs one-by-one.

Now, re-upload the inventory items that are still currently in stock to a single correction PO. Or, if you'd like to keep the current inventory tied to the correct vendors, re-create the POs for your current inventory and upload the current inventory to those POs.

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Here's where you can see the 'Delete' option in a PO:

Option 4 - Start from scratch

You can create a new WholeCell account and start entirely from scratch if you'd like, though this is not as simple as it may seem. You will lose all of your custom statuses, grades, conditions, and any products you've added to your catalog, along with all settings you've configured in your current WholeCell account.

You will need to use a new email address to create a new WholeCell account. When your new account is live and you're confident that you don't need access to your old account anymore, contact support to have your users transferred from your old account to your new one.

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