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Creating a Purchase Order
Creating a Purchase Order

How to add your first PO in WholeCell

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To make a purchase order (PO), click on the + New button from the purchase orders page.

Then you'll be able to enter the details of your PO.

This is the vendor you're purchasing from.  Typing in the bar will search for organizations already in your database.  If you don't have them saved already, you'll be able to add them.


This is where the inventory from the PO that you are creating will be stored.

You can manage your Warehouses in Settings>Warehouses.

Purchase order date
This is the date you want to recognize the purchase.  Most likely when you agreed to buy the devices from your vendor.

Received date
The date the package(s) are delivered to you.

Transaction number
This can be any number or ID associated with the PO.  Maybe an invoice number from the vendor.  You'll be able to search for this to find the PO later.

Expected Inventory Count
How many devices are you expecting in this PO? (not required)

Total Paid
How much did you pay in total for the PO? (not required)

What incoming channel did this PO come from?  Retail?  Wholesale? Enterprise?  Something else?

You can manage your channels in Settings > Channels.

Select a status so your operations team knows where this PO is in your receiving pipeline.

You can manage your statuses in Settings > Statuses.


Once saved your PO is in the system and ready for you to add inventory to it.

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