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Managing Sales and Purchase Order Channels
Managing Sales and Purchase Order Channels
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Do you purchase and sell your inventory across a variety of channels or industries? Some examples could be:

  • Retail

  • Wholesale

  • Ecommerce

  • B2B

  • D2C

  • Education

  • Government

If so, you'll want to configure the channels in your WholeCell account to match the channels in your business. This allows you to sort your POs and SOs by channel, and see financial analytics between channels.

Click on 'Settings' on the left side of WholeCell. Choose 'Channels' under 'Processing'. You will see two sections on the 'Channels' page: 'Purchase Orders Channels' and 'Sales Order Channels'. You can delete the ones that don't apply to your business by clicking the trash icon for that option. To add a channel, click on the blue '+' button. Let's add one channel each under Purchase Order and Sales Order.

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