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Purchase Order Analytics

What do all those numbers on the Analytics tab of a PO mean?

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WholeCell Purchase Orders have an analytics tab that displays 12 different financial metrics. Here's what those metrics are and why they're important.

1) Expected Inventory Count

This is how many items you're expecting to receive from your supplier on this PO. You set this number on the PO creation form. You can edit this by clicking the button with the three dots on the upper right corner of the window, then choose 'Edit'.

2) Check-In Progress (Inventory Count)

This is the number of serialized items that have been added to the Purchase Order.

3) Expected Total Paid Value

This is how much you have paid for the whole purchase order, or the expected total paid amount for the entire PO.

4) Check-In Progress (Paid Value)

This is the actual sum of all of the individual paid values in the PO.

5) Average Age

The average number of days from the upload date in WholeCell for all the inventory items in that PO.

6) Margin (So Far)

The average profit margin on the sold inventory items from this PO.

7) Profit

The total profit from all of the sold items on this PO.

8) Total Sale

The total revenue from all of the sold items on this PO.

9) RMA Count

The total number of items from this PO that were returned by customers (from your sales orders).

10) Time to Sale

The average number of days it has taken for inventory items from this Purchase Order to be added to a Sales Order.

11) Cashflow Impact

Check-In Progress minus Total Sale. Once all inventory items have been added to your Purchase Order with paid prices, this metric will show if you've made the money back that you spent on the items (or more once you've generated a profit).

12) Remaining Value

Check-In Progress minus the paid value of only the sold items in the PO.

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