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Adding Shipping and Unit Costs to Your Purchase Order
Adding Shipping and Unit Costs to Your Purchase Order
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To add a bulk cost like Shipping or other purchase fees to a Purchase Order, you'll want to split that cost up among the inventory on your PO.

For example, If you have 20 items in a PO and you paid $30 for the shipment, that means you can add $1.50 in shipping cost per item. There are two ways to add this to your inventory items:

1) Add it as a financial line item that shows on each item. Do this by bulk editing your inventory to increase the total cost per item. If you do it this way, it will show as a separate financial line item on the inventory items page.

2) Add it as part of the paid price of the item. Doing it this way will not show a separate line item like in the method above. You can achieve this by bulk editing inventory by spreadsheet to add the paid price that includes shipping or add the paid price of each item on the PO. To do the latter, go to the specific PO, then on the PO's page, click the '$' button above the table.

On the 'Pricing' window, you can add the paid prices by product group. The price that you add should have the shipping cost that you have calculated per item on top of the amount of item. As an example, you may consider $1.50 as the shipping cost per item on our example above plus $200 for the item itself (as an example amount). So that's a total of $201.50 for one of the products shown on the screenshot below.

You can also upload a spreadsheet on the 'Upload Spreadsheet' tab on the 'Pricing' window, where the required headers on the spreadsheet are ESN or ID and the Paid Price. This method allows you to add it individually instead of by product group.

Another option is by uploading the total cost of the PO including shipping on the 'Lot Pricing' tab. That number will be divided equally among all the inventory items in the PO. So if you paid $4000 for 20 items in the PO and the shipment was $30, WholeCell will save the value of $201.50 as the total cost for each item in the PO.

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