In WholeCell there are various places where you can bulk edit inventory. For groups of inventory that you plan to bulk edit multiple times, you'll want to use a Process Batch. For quick bulk edits you can use the Bulk Actions menu above most tables in WholeCell:

To do this, select the devices that you want to update by ticking the checkboxes for them in the table. You can do this in either the Individual or Grouped table views. Note that in the Grouped table view, one line could represent multiple inventory items.

After selecting the devices that you want, click the 'Bulk Actions' button.

The Bulk Actions menu will pop-up. From the window, select the type of edit you would like to make. In this example, we're using Change Status.

The Change Status window shows the Statuses that you have configured in your account. For this example, we will choose Unavailable.

Hit Save.

You will see this confirmation after you hit Save. Click Close.

Refresh your page to see the changes that have been made.


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