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Receiving and Reviewing Inventory on an RMA
Receiving and Reviewing Inventory on an RMA

How to "receive" returned devices on an existing RMA and review all your RMA inventory

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After creating an RMA, you can "Receive" the devices in WholeCell once you get them back from your customer. To do that, click on 'RMAs' on the left side of WholeCell, then click the RMA ID in question.

Notice that the 'Return Status' is Awaiting. Once you have the returned device in hand, put a check on the item that you want to receive, and then on 'Bulk Actions', choose 'Receive'.

Confirm receipt of the inventory.

It now shows as "Received".

If you want to review all of your RMA inventory, just click on 'View all RMA Inventory' on the main RMA page.

Now you can quickly find and process bulk devices that you have from various RMAs by searching for them in this list.

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