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Creating a Customer RMA
Creating a Customer RMA
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When a customer returns items they purchased through a WholeCell Sales Order, you can create a Customer RMA to track the items they're returning and how you've financially handled the return.

To start, click on 'RMAs' on the left side menu of WholeCell and then on the RMA page, click on the '+New' button.

Start typing the customer's name on the blank 'Customer' field, and the registered customer's name on your account will show up. Select that customer, choose the warehouse receiving the RMA, and hit 'Save':

Now that the RMA has been created, we need to indicate the devices that are being returned. Click on the blue '+Add Inventory' button.

On this page, indicate whether the customer is returning or not returning the devices.

Enter the ESNs or WholeCell IDs of the devices that are being returned. Then hit 'Next'.

Enter the reason for the RMA and then click on 'Add to RMA' at the bottom.

Now you have an open RMA with the correct devices added!

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