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Syncing with QuickBooks
Syncing with QuickBooks

Sync your Purchase Orders and Invoices with QuickBooks Online

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With WholeCell's QuickBooks Online integration you can sync your invoices and purchase orders from WholeCell to QuickBooks. Then when you collect payments from your customers in QuickBooks, those payments will sync back to WholeCell. This integration syncs:

  • Purchase Orders (WholeCell β†’ QuickBooks)

  • Invoices (WholeCell β†’ QuickBooks)

  • Payments (QuickBooks β†’ WholeCell)

Enabling the Integration

To enable the integration, go to your Integrations dashboard in WholeCell and click on 'Get Started' on Quickbooks. On the next page, connect and then sign in to your QuickBooks account.

Once signed in, you can configure the integration this way -- more explanation can be found in the bullets below.

  • Inventory Name is what will appear as the "Product" on your QuickBooks invoice. Then, the description will have the details of the inventory:

  • Income Account is what your invoice line items are coded towards. Most likely you'll want to choose 'Sales' here, but if your accountants have set up a different income account, you'll want to consult with them.

  • Expense Account - this is a deprecated feature, but you can put in 'Uncategorized Expense' here to be able to save the integration

  • Sync POs to - this depends on what version of QuickBooks you have. If you have QB Plus, choose 'Purchase Orders', if not, choose 'Bills'.

Purchase Orders

Purchase Orders sync to QuickBooks when you click the Sync button on a PO page:

Your devices will show up on a QuickBooks Bill or PO (your choice), grouped by their model and condition. To avoid redundancy WholeCell does not create inventory in QuickBooks, but instead creates an item called "WholeCell Inventory" (editable in the QB integration settings page) with a description set to the product attributes:


Invoices sync to QuickBooks when you click the Sync button from the Invoice page.

Products show up on a QuickBooks Invoice immediately, grouped by their model and condition.


When a payment is recorded in QuickBooks on an invoice, either automatically or via manual entry, the invoice in WholeCell will be marked as paid.

Disconnecting QuickBooks

To disconnect QuickBooks from WholeCell, you'll need to visit the Apps page on QuickBooks:

Then you'll be able to select the WholeCell app and disconnect.

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