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Editing an Inventory Report
Editing an Inventory Report

How to make changes to an existing Inventory Report

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If you came from our article on Using Inventory Reports to Advertise your Stock, these screenshots will be familiar. If you did not come from that article, just work with me with the current Inventory Report that I'm using for this tutorial.

The report that we have here shows status: 'Available', grade: 'A Grade', iPhones on a demo account.

What we want to do now is update the report to show only the iPhones that are network: 'Unlocked' and include grade: 'B Grade' units. In this example, the customer that you're selling to doesn't mind B Grade devices. As long as they are functional and don't have any damages, she's interested.

Edit this report by clicking the yellow 'Edit' button at the top of the page. Doing that takes you to the page below.

We now choose 'Unlocked' on the 'Network' field under the 'Product' filter. Then we add 'B Grade' to the 'Grade' filter. Notice that I also changed the title to just "iPhones" from the previous "A Grade iPhones", since this is not going to show only 'A Grade' phones.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page. Since there are no other new conditions that we need to add, look for that blue button that says 'Save' and hit it like you mean it.

Here's the edited report.

You can either download this report as a CSV file or get the link to this report to send to your customers. To download, click on the 'Download' button at the top of the page. To get the link and see how it looks from your customer's end, click on 'Public Link' right above the table.

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