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Using Inventory Reports to Advertise Your Stock
Using Inventory Reports to Advertise Your Stock

Creating an Inventory Report to advertise your available inventory

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When a customer asks you for your available inventory or specific items for sale you can create a Public Inventory Report in WholeCell that will show them what items you have available.

Click on 'Inventory Reports' on the left side. Then hit the blue button that says '+New.'

The next page provides you selections that will allow you to choose what to show on your report.

First, choose an appropriate title for your report. If you have a subtitle, go for it. This will show as a second line on the header of the report.

Second, how do you want to display your inventory on the report? There are two ways to show them:

Grouped -- shows your products with their quantity

Individual -- shows each individual device based on characteristics selected

Third, what devices do you want to show? Do you only want to show a particular manufacturer and variant? Do you want to show devices of a specific grade only, or maybe only devices in "Available" status? Do you want to show only the damaged ones because you're offering them to customers who will repair them? Make your selections in the 'Filters' section!

So for our example, I want to see all available iPhones that are A Grade. I also want to view them individually instead of a group. Here is how you would filter.

Then at the bottom part of the page, we only want to show the relevant details about these phones. See selection for our example --- we only care about the phone specifics, the 'Grade', 'Status', 'ESN', and the 'List Price'. Save.

Here's the finished report. You can either download it as a CSV file or get a public link to this report to send to your customers. To download a CSV, click on the 'Download' button on top of the page. To get the link to send to them or see how it looks from your customer's end, click on 'Public Link' right above the table.

For our example, here's how the report looks on the customer's end:

You will need to send them the link for this page. If they want to download this list, they can using the 'Download Spreadsheet' button.

To see how you can edit this report, refer to Editing an Inventory Report.

Integrating the Inventory Report to Google Sheets

Syncing the public inventory report to Google Sheets is easy. Here's how to do it:

  • From the public report, download the CSV URL by right-clicking on the 'Download Spreadsheet' button, then choose 'Copy link address'.

  • Then on your Google Sheets, type =IMPORTDATA()

    • Inside the parenthesis, copy-paste the link address. The value for url must either be enclosed in quotation marks or be a reference to a cell containing the appropriate text.

  • Hit Enter on your keyboard and wait for the report to load

    Sheets will update the data automatically at up to 1 hour intervals or so, using the IMPORTDATA() function.

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