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Sharing an Inventory Report with your Customer
Sharing an Inventory Report with your Customer

Advertise your inventory to customers with a custom page and URL

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Public Inventory Reports are the best way to share your available inventory with a prospective customer.

Go to an Inventory Report and click 'Public Link'. If this link doesn't appear, you'll need to edit the Inventory Report and make it public (see below).

There are two ways to share an Inventory Report:

1) Get the website link and send it to your potential customer.

2) Click Download Spreadsheet to download the report as a CSV file and then send it through email or save it to a drive or the cloud to share.

If your report is not public, you can change that by going back to the report and clicking on the 'Edit' button above. Notice that on the screenshot below, the 'Public Link' does not show.

On the next page that comes up, tick on the box that says 'Make Public'. Scroll down at the bottom of the page to find the magical 'Save' button.

Quick and painless.

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