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Adding and Removing Damage Conditions in Your Account
Adding and Removing Damage Conditions in Your Account

Configure damage conditions in your WholeCell account

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To manage your damage conditions in WholeCell, go to 'Product Catalog' in the sidebar and then click 'Damages' from the list.

Removing a Damage Condition

To delete an existing damage condition, click on the trash icon beside it. Deleting a damage condition will prevent users from applying that condition to inventory items, and it will remove the condition from the inventory filters throughout WholeCell.

Inventory items with a damage condition that gets deleted will not be updated automatically. If you want to remove the damage condition from all inventory in WholeCell, you'll need to remove it manually before deleting the condition itself.

Adding a Damage Condition

To add a new damage condition, click on '+New' on the upper right-hand corner of the page.

This page lets you add the new damage condition that you want to set on your WholeCell account. Let's add "excessive scratches" under the "Screen" category and then use the initials "EXSCR".

Here's the newly-created damage condition.

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