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Adding and Removing Statuses
Adding and Removing Statuses

How to configure device statuses to fit your workflow

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Note: to add and manage sales order statuses, follow the instructions in this article: Managing Sales Order Statuses

Suppose you have specific workflows for your receiving, internal operations, and sales processes. You can use WholeCell statuses to model those workflows and track your inventory through each process.

To manage your statuses in WholeCell, go to 'Settings' on the left side of WholeCell, then choose 'Statuses' under 'Processing'.

On this page you can manage statuses for Inventory, and Purchase Orders:

Adding a Status

Say we want to add a new Inventory Status for staging heavily damaged products that can't be repaired anymore, named "Unrepairable". We can do this by clicking on the blue '+' button in the 'Inventory Statuses' section. Then we type the new status name and click 'Save'.

Easy enough, isn't it?

Removing a Status

To delete an existing status, click on the trash icon beside it. Deleting a status will prevent users from using it moving forward, and it will remove the status from the filters throughout WholeCell.

Inventory items, sales orders, and purchase orders in a status that gets deleted will not be updated automatically. If you want them to be moved to another status, you'll need to update them manually before deleting the status itself.

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