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How to Add Line Items to a Sales Order
How to Add Line Items to a Sales Order

Charge your customer for things like shipping expenses, accessories, etc.

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In WholeCell, you have the ability to add inventory order (line) items to your sales orders aside from choosing from your current products. For example, you want to create a sales order for a mix of products like an iPhone 12, mixed capacity, network, and colors. You can add those manually to the order.

You can also add non-inventory line items to a sales order to charge customers for things like shipping and handling fees, or other items you're selling that aren't in your WholeCell inventory like accessories, chargers, parts, etc.

(Note that fees added as line items to sales orders will not affect Analytics. If you want these costs/fees to influence financial analytics, they have to be added as line items to inventory.)

To add a line item, just click on the blue '+ Add Items' button on the order page then, click the 'Line Item' tab on the window that pops up.

Choose the category, then set the description of the line item, and the price (per unit), then click 'Save'. If you don't have line item categories set yet, you can set them by clicking on the 'order item settings page' link on that window, or here.

On the 'Order Item Categories' settings page, click on the blue '+' button to add.

Then put in the category name and indicate if that category is a physical item by checking the box, then save.

On one of our test accounts, I've added different categories as examples. As you can see, some of these are under the physical inventory category. If you want to commit inventory to the line items, you have to use categories that you created that are under physical items.

Back to adding line items, so if I'm adding a shipping line item to the order, it may look like this:

Or if I'm adding a mixed bunch of a specific product (physical item) that I want to invoice for, it might look like this:

Now you'll see the line item has been added to the order, and it appears in the table on the order's Details tab.

If you want to commit or scan the actual inventory for that physical inventory line item like in the example above, you will need to do so by doing a 'direct commit', which is outlined here.

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