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Adding Products or Order Items to a Manual Sales Order
Adding Products or Order Items to a Manual Sales Order
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The second step to creating a manual sales order series is adding products or order items to it. You have a customer who wants to order 500 items from you. Let's get those items onto the Sales Order we've created:

Go to the Sales Order and click on the blue button with the '+' sign. If our customer wanted 500 items specifically by ESN/ID, we could commit those specific items now. However, in this case, the customer just told us that they want 500 units that are a mix of iPhone 8 and Samsung Galaxy S9, and we don't need to scan the items in yet, so we'll choose 'Add Products':

Use the search bar to find the products the customer wants, or click on 'Filters':

Your inventory will appear.

For this example, your customer wants to order 300 A Grade Apple iPhone 8s and 200 A Grade Samsung Galaxy S9s. Filter to A Grade to see only those devices.

You may need to scroll down or filter further to find the specific product models. Then click on the blue button with the '+' sign to add the quantity for those items.

Once you click the plus sign, input how many of that item you'd like to add. Once the amounts are in, hit the Save button below. Repeat the process if you need to add more.

Now your order has the correct products. Once the customer pays the invoice, your warehouse team can commit the specific items to fulfill these products on the order.

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