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How to Search and Filter on the Inventory Page
How to Search and Filter on the Inventory Page
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Need to search your inventory by product, condition, or specific IMEI? That's easy! Just select from the filters available on the Inventory page.

You can apply multiple filters in different categories. In this example, we are looking for all A Grade, B Grade Galaxy S8s, and iPhone 8s that are unlocked and available. Once you choose filters, WholeCell automatically displays the devices that fit the conditions set.

You can also search for specific ESNs using the search field.

Now let's talk about searching based on functionality.

Clicking on the 'Any' radio button shows all of the devices.

'Functional' will show only the devices that are not damaged.

Clicking on 'Damaged' will show the damages field at the bottom, letting you select the type of damaged devices you want to view.

You can select multiple damages to show all the devices with all the specific damages you choose. The 'Exact Match' radio button enables you to look for the devices that only have whatever damages you selected. The 'Match Any' radio button lets you select the devices that have the damages that you specified, whether they have only those damages or not.

Nifty, right?

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