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How Offer Analysis Works
How Offer Analysis Works

Get fast financials on an offer from your customer

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An Offer Analysis is a quick way to see your margin and gross profit on a potential sale.  When a customer sends you a spreadsheet of their per-item offers, you can upload that spreadsheet and WholeCell will show you a visual breakdown.

Items are highlighted based on margin.  Green is for items you'll make 20% or more on.  Yellow is for items you'll make between 0% and 20% on.  Red is for items with a negative margin (that you're losing money on).

Note: Margin % is profit over sale price x 100

Counter Offers

Let's say your customer sends you offers that are worth discussing, but not good enough to close the deal.  You can enter counter offers and then download the updated spreadsheet to send back to them.  The spreadsheet will have your original list price, the customer's offers, and your counter offers.

Financial metrics and margin highlighting is updated in real time as you enter your counter offers into an Offer Analysis.

Getting Offers from Customers

To collect offers from your customer, we recommend creating a Public Inventory Report and including the ID of your devices.  A customer can download this CSV and return it with their per-item offers.

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