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Inventory Value History
Inventory Value History

Keeping your ongoing WholeCell inventory value accurate for your business' balance sheet

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Note: this feature is available if you are subscribed to the Business or Unlimited plan.

You can now keep a record of your inventory value for accounting purposes in WholeCell. You can set it to automatically record your inventory value at specific day/week/month intervals throughout the year. When the value is saved, WholeCell records the value in each inventory status so you can exclude anything that doesn't represent your current inventory --- like "Lost" or "Vendor Return" states.

Setting up your Inventory Value Capture configuration

To set it, go to 'Settings' on your left sidebar menu, then look for 'Inventory Value'.

From there, you can select the frequency at which you want WholeCell to record your inventory values, whether daily, weekly, monthly, or specific days of the month

Accessing your Inventory Value History

This is not retroactive so you have to wait for some time, depending on the frequency you chose to show you the values. To access them, go to 'Analytics', then click on the 'Inventory Value History' tab. You can use filters to show the values of inventory items under the statuses that you want to see.

If you click the drop-down button, you can expand the view to show all the different inventory statuses in your account, so you can select the statuses that you only want to view or contribute to the total value that's shown on the first line. To select multiple statuses, press the CTRL key on your keyboard while clicking the different statuses in the 'Statuses' box above the table.

The difference between the Initial Price Paid Value and the Total Price Paid Value is that the Total Price Paid Value includes cost line items that you have added to your inventory items.

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