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Adding a Note to an Inventory Item
Adding a Note to an Inventory Item
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Logging notes on specific items in WholeCell is easy. You can do individually or in bulk.

Adding Notes Individually

Click on the item ID or ESN from any page where it is clickable. Here are those links on the Inventory page:

Clicking the ID or ESN will take you to the item's page. You can add notes on the blank field on the right side of the page, and then just hit Enter on your keyboard to save the record.

Here's what a saved note looks like. You can see that the "Add a Note" field is still there for you to use if you want to add more information about this item.

Adding Notes in Bulk

You can use the Bulk Actions menu to add notes in bulk from most pages with an inventory table in WholeCell. Here's how it looks from the Inventory page. First, select the items that you want to add notes to. Then click on the Bulk Actions button and select 'Add Note' from the choices that appear.

The Add Notes window will pop up. Write in the note that you want to add to all of the inventory items you chose and click 'Save'.

You'll see a confirmation once the notes have been saved:

Go to one of the specific items by clicking on the ID or ESN to see your note:

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