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Sales Order Status Automation
Sales Order Status Automation
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Sales Order statuses can now be updated automatically as you take certain actions (called "events") to fulfill that order.

To see the Sales Order Automations, go to 'Settings', then 'Sales Orders', and then click on the 'Automations' tab.

The first automation that you see in the screenshot above will trigger when an invoice is marked 'Paid' and will update the sales order status to "Ready to Ship". The second automation will trigger once a shipment is created for an order, and it will automatically update that order's status to "Shipped".

You can create new statuses from the 'Statuses' tab and add automations to make your order processing workflows more efficient.

To view or modify the settings of each automation, click on the automation's name. In the case below, we click on 'Invoice Paid'.

You can modify the settings on this page.

To pause an automation, uncheck the "Active" checkbox.

The three event types that you will see are:

  • Invoice Paid - after you have created the invoice and marked it as paid on the system

  • Shipment Created - after you have added a shipment/after shipping the orders

  • Full Commitment - after all the order items have been fulfilled/after picking the inventory for each sales order item

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