Tracking Repairs
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You can use the Repair History panel on an inventory item's page to log a repair that's been completed. Logging a repair allows you to remove damage conditions, update the item's status, and associate any other inventory items (repair parts) that were used in the repair.

The paid price from associated parts inventory items will be added as financial line items to the repaired inventory, and consumed parts will be updated to a "Used as Repair Part" inventory status.

To log a repair, visit an inventory item's page and click "Add Repair":

Add a description of the repair,

Known Issue

  • Manually changing back the status of a repair item to 'Available' after it's been used as a repair part will cause some errors when you add it to another item. You may not be adding the same item intentionally via ESN or HEX ID, but if you're adding via SKU and that item is next in line systematically, the changes will not be saved.

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