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How Organizations Work

High level data for each customer and vendor right at your fingertips

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The Organizations section on WholeCell allows you to see all your customers and vendors and pertinent information about them in one glance. Note, organizations you add to WholeCell will not appear here until you have inventory data in either Purchase Orders or Sales Orders belonging to that organization.

Your customers and vendors show on this page but will only show data relevant to your purchasing-from or selling-to activity with that organization.

The 'Profile' section allows you to change the name of a customer or vendor. Click on the name to edit and then hit the check button to save.

The 'Analytics' section shows high-level all-time financial analytics from inventory that was purchased from a vendor or sold to a customer.

The 'Orders' tab shows you an overview of all the sales orders for that customer over time.

The 'Purchase Orders' tab shows you an overview of all the purchase orders from that vendor over time.

'RMAs' shows you an overview of all the RMAs from a customer.

'Credit History' shows you an overview of all the credits and refunds ever issued to that customer.

'Merge' allows you to combine customers or vendors that may have been differently named but are just one person/entity.

'Addresses' allows you to add or modify the address of a customer or vendor.

The ‘Customer Portal Accounts’ tab allows you to enable the B2B Portal for your customer. Check the B2B Customer Portal article out for more details.

You have the ability to merge duplicate entries from the main Organization page. Just check the items that you want to merge, then choose 'Merge' from the 'Bulk Actions' button above.

On this pop-up window, type "merge organizations" to confirm, then enter the new name of the organization, save, then you're done.

When you see an organization that has numbers or data on the Analytics tab or on other tabs, but the other duplicate organization doesn't, the blank one is the duplicate. You may choose to merge those.

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