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B2B Customer Portal
B2B Customer Portal
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What is the B2B Customer Portal?

WholeCell's B2B Portal gives your customers access to a branded website with:

  • Your available stock listing on a "For Sale" page.

  • The ability to add items to a cart and check out, creating a draft order for you to review.

  • Their order history.

  • Their serialized item purchase history.

  • Their RMA history.


You'll find a link to the Customer Portal on the Integrations section of the Settings Page. Visit this page and click the button to enable your customer portal.

At the top of the Customer Portal settings page is the URL your customers will use to sign in to your portal. Before they can sign in, you need to configure your settings on this page first and then enable the portal for them (see Inviting a Customer to your B2B Portal section below).

Inventory Statuses

Choose which inventory statuses will contribute to the products and quantities displayed on the "For Sale" page of the customer portal.


Choose which warehouse(s) inventory should count towards the products and quantities that will be displayed in the portal.

Order Status

Select the initial order status that should be used when a customer creates an order by checking out in the customer portal.

You may want to use a new "Draft" or "Awaiting Confirmation" order status for these orders, as you'll likely need to confirm pricing and quantities with your customer before finalizing the order.


Select the channel that should be used for orders generated from the customer portal. You may want to create a "B2B Portal" Sales Order channel for this.

Auto Invoice

Check this if you want WholeCell to automatically email the customer an invoice after they place an order through the customer portal.

Note, since no actual inventory (by IMEI) will be committed to the order at this stage, your customer will not receive an IMEI list -- only a list of the products on the order.

Payment Methods

Select which payment methods you'd like to display as options on the customer portal check-out page. This method will be selected when creating the invoice for the customer portal order if Auto Invoice is enabled.

If there are no payment method choices showing on the page, it means that you have not set up any in your account yet. To learn how to do that, check the article: Adding a Payment Method in WholeCell. Set them up for your WholeCell account and then go back to the B2B Customer Portal settings page to choose which ones should show on your portal.

Hide Inventory without Prices

If this is enabled, inventory that does not have a list price will not show on the for sale page.

Inviting a Customer to your B2B Portal

Go to the Organizations page in WholeCell ( and select the customer you want to invite to your portal. Click on the 'Customer Portal' tab and then click on the '+Add a Customer Portal Account' button.

Add the customer's name and email address here, then hit Save.

WholeCell will send an activation email to your customer. They will need to click on the link in that email to activate their account. Once they have activated it, they will be taken to this page where they can set their password and then sign in.

Cart Behavior

  • If customer John puts 5 pieces of product A in his cart but did not check out yet, then customer Mark orders all 10 pieces that you have available for product A, then checks out, creating a sales order in WholeCell, customer John can still check out those 5 pieces, or even more (max of 10 based on the original available quantity) when he gets back to it

Known Issues

  • If you launch your customer portal without enabling payment methods, customer checkout will not work.

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