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How Can I Advertise My Inventory in Bulk (Stock List) On My Website?
How Can I Advertise My Inventory in Bulk (Stock List) On My Website?
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WholeCell has three options for advertising your available inventory:

Method 1 - The B2B Customer Portal:

WholeCell's B2B Customer Portal is a password-protected portal that gives your customers a branded website to see your available inventory and their purchase and RMA histories. Customers can place an order on the portal and generate a draft order in your WholeCell account. This can automatically reduce the quantities of your e-commerce listings for any products they've ordered, so you don't have to manage it manually.

Learn more about the B2B Customer Portal. click this: B2B Customer Portal

Method 2 - Create a Public Inventory Report:

Making any WholeCell Inventory Report public will create a shareable URL that you can provide your customers. The page is a simple and customizable table of whatever inventory you want to display. You can create multiple reports to segment your inventory for different buyers. If some buyers are only interested in Apple products, but others want to buy Samsung models, you can create separate reports for these.

You can link to a public inventory report from your website, or embed the WholeCell table in an iFrame:


Method 3 - Use the Stock Levels API Endpoint

WholeCell's API has a Stock Levels endpoint that developers can use to access the quantities of your inventory by SKU or Product Variation. This can be used to integrate your live inventory with any custom e-commerce store or other application.

You can review our API Documentation at

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