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Creating a Pick List
Creating a Pick List
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Each business has its own process for fulfilling sales orders: picking the products, creating a shipping label, and packing/mailing the order. If your fulfillment team needs a simple print-out of products on an order for their picking process, you have a few options:

Method 1 - Printing order items and/or committed items on the sales order

From this window, you have several grouping or "view" options to choose from.

  • Sales Order Items - this will only show what the ordered items are, not the committed items

  • Grouped Committed Inventory - this will show the inventory items that you have committed to the order to fulfill it, but in grouped by product

  • Individual Committed Inventory - this will show each of the inventory items that you have committed to the order per line including the IMEI/WholeCell ID

Choose any of the grouping options discussed, then the format, and then how you want to sort the items on the file. Hit the 'Download' button to preview or print the file.

If you want to save some templates, you can do so from this page:

Method 2 - Print the locations of the committed items for your team to pick.

This works if you have updated your inventory with their respective location info and if you have already committed the actual inventory for the order. For reference on how to commit inventory, check: Committing Inventory to a Sales Order

On the Sales Order, click the button with three dots and from the options listed choose 'New Scan Report'. You will not do the actual scanning here but you will just use the location information available on the page.

On the page that pops up, you can check the location column to know where your stocks are kept. You can download the CSV file and print it for your warehouse crew to pick your ordered items.

Method 3 - Creating the pick list in ShipStation based on committed inventory

If you are using the ShipStation Shipping Integration in WholeCell, your committed order items are sent to ShipStation. You may have a picking and packing team that only has access to ShipStation. You can also print your pick list from there. It will not have the warehouse location information that's available in WholeCell though but the IMEI will be available depending on your settings on the ShipStation settings page in WholeCell (see screenshot below). Syncing 'Individual' items brings the IMEI to ShipStation.

Method 4 - Creating the pick list in ShipStation from multiple orders

You have the option in ShipStation to check multiple orders and create one pick list for all of them.

If in the ShipStation settings page in WholeCell,, choose order items.

Then in ShipStation, select the orders that you want to work on, then choose 'Pick List' on the 'Print' options.

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