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Creating an Invoice for a Sales Order
Creating an Invoice for a Sales Order
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Now it's time to create an invoice for your sales order.

If you are not on the Sales Order page yet, click on Sales Orders on the sidebar, then select the order for the customer that you want to invoice. Now, on the Sales Order page, right above the order table, click on the 'More' button with three dots and choose 'Create Invoice'.

On this page, you can put in the customer's email address if you choose to. Then, select the payment method. The choices that will show here are the payment method options that you have set for your account. If you haven't set any at this stage, it will ask you to create a Payment Method for this invoice. You may also opt to add notes to the invoice. Click 'Save' when done.

Here's our invoice! Notice that you are taken to the 'Invoice' section of WholeCell (on the sidebar).

You can send the invoice to the customer via email by clicking the envelope button above the invoice table:

This window provides you additional send and attachment options before you hit 'Send'.

If you want to download a PDF format of this invoice, click on the 'More' button with three dots and then choose 'Download PDF'.


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