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Invoices allow you to bill your customer for a Sales Order in WholeCell.

To create an invoice, go to the Sales Order you want to invoice your customer for and click on the more button.  Then click Create Invoice from the drop-down:

On the next screen, you'll need to enter the details for the invoice. To enter the address for this customer, follow the instructions on the Shipping/Billing Address section below. Once that's saved on the customer's profile, clicking the links on the 'Ship to' and 'Bill to' sections will show the address that you have entered and save for this customer.

Shipping/Billing Address

You will need to enter the customer's shipping/billing address on the Organizations page. To do that, click Organizations, then choose the customer that you want to enter the address for. For this example, we choose 'Test Customer'.

On the next page, choose Addresses and then click the blue '+' button.

Enter the address then save.

Customer Email
Entering the customer's email address will allow you to email the invoice to them.

Payment Method
Choose the payment method that you want your customer to pay your invoice with. The description of your payment method will show at the bottom of the invoice PDF, and in the text body of your invoice email.

You can create a new payment method (and manage existing ones) in Settings > Invoices.

Any internal notes that you want for your team to see in WholeCell, but don't want your customer to see, can go here.

Once you click Save your invoice is live:

Now you can:

  • Add invoice line items (blue plus button)

  • Download a PDF (more button)

  • Mark the invoice as paid (more button)

  • Email the invoice to your customer (envelope button)

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