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Setting List Pricing in Bulk
Setting List Pricing in Bulk

Assign list prices to grouped items based on the criteria you choose

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If you want to update your inventory list prices (the advertising price you share with your customers) in bulk, you can use the Bulk Pricing tool to group items together and set the list price for all items in one action.

To do this, click on 'Pricing' on the left side of WholeCell, then click on the '$ Bulk Pricing' button above.

On the Bulk Pricing page, click on the 'Grouping' button to see the categories that you want your inventory to be grouped by. Leave a check on the attributes that need to be separated, and uncheck the attributes that you'd like to get grouped together for faster pricing. For example, if you have different prices for different model colors like 'Black' and 'Gold', leave 'Color' checked. Otherwise, uncheck 'Color' and those models will get grouped onto the same line.

Once you've selected the grouping you want, wait for the page to refresh and then add or update prices on the price fields.

For my example below, I grouped my inventory based on 'Capacity' and 'Grade'. Based on this, I will adjust the prices of all B Grade, 32 GB, Apple iPad 4s. The amount that you type gets saved automatically.

That's done!

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